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Jason Spencer

Jason Spencer is a Dallas-based financial expert and entrepreneur who consistently seeks out opportunities to build a better future.

Whether this means sharing his insights on debt, investment, and money management strategies or simply getting involved in nonprofit organizations, Jason loves to play a part in the support and empowerment of people who need it most.

Over the years Jason worked within a variety of financial institutions, including independent broker-dealers, investment advisory firms, and private equity funds, before he founded Student Loan Relief, Inc. in 2011. He ran the federally registered non-profit, which aimed to help college graduates reduce their federal student loan monthly payments (and, in many instances, qualify for loan forgiveness programs) through 2016.

Jason currently sits on the Board of Directors for Nino’s Del Sol in Cuzco, Peru. Founded in 1996, Nino’s Del Sol is a home for children who suffered from abuse, trauma, and neglect. All of the children are being raised as a family, and they are receiving the education, medical care, and love that they need to thrive.

As a member of the Board of Directors, Jason Spencer aims to secure more funding for the organization and help it prosper, so that it can continue to serve as a home and a support system for future generations of children. He also hopes to guide the children of Nino’s Del Sol to make the most of their educations, market their skills, and find fulfilling and lucrative careers.

This endeavor exemplifies Jason’s passion for helping others overcome difficulties, financial or otherwise, and succeed in life on their own terms — a passion which is visible both in his charity work and in his professional career.

“The work done thus far by Nino’s Del Sol has not only been an immeasurable success not only for orphans, but they have also transformed their community by taking children that would have otherwise been forced to live on the streets and giving them an education that unquestionably benefits all.” – Jason Spencer

More about Jason Spencer

Jason earned his Bachelor of Science in Finance from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business. He earned his MBA in International Business, Trade, and Commerce from Queens University in 2012, and his MBA in Business Administration and Operations from Cornell University in 2013. Jason is a major supporter of Cornell’s scholarship fund, helping those that can’t afford tuition achieve their goal of attending an Ivy League university.

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