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Greatest Bridal Fashion Tips

Each girl wants the most perfect wedding in the world which includes perfect wedding apparel, perfect ring and the perfect man. Hold on! A wedding will not be perfect without the following bridal fashion tips. What’s new in the world of weddings, plus ideas to spark your imagination.

* Waves of the whimsical
These thematic trends are all the rage.
Flight of fancy
Put a fun stamp on your event with a bird or butterfly theme. Purchase motifs from craft shops and attach to willowy tree branches as centrepieces, or tie to a tulle-covered backdrop.

Country Charm
Make the day memorable with a ‘home sweet home’ outdoor party. Top picnic tables with gingham tablecloths and fill old-fashioned tin buckets with wild flowers for centrepieces. Hay bales can double as extra guest seating, and hay rides will entertain the kids.

Wonder Land
Be inspired by Tim Burton’s film on an old classic and decorate your venue with swirls of surrealism in the form of a tilted cake, oversized objects, mismatched china and a plethora of pastels. Make seating charts with playing cards and give a deck to each guest.

* Eco Bride
Five tips to keep your white wedding green.

1. Cut paper
Send invitations via websites such as Paperless Wedding.

2. Choose an eco-considerate venue
Look for venues stamped with a Qualmark Green Enviro rating.

3. Eat, drink and be eco-merry
Go for eco friendly booze.

4. Give sustainable favours
Consider a bag of soap nuts or a native tree seedling in a miniature pot. Candles made of soy variants don’t product toxins as they burn.

5. Green your d├ęcor
Instead of cut flowers pot up pretty living flowers for a centrepiece, or stack local fruit in monochrome colours in tall antique vases.

Fashion Tips For Working Adults

Dress codes of companies are an ongoing battle in the world of work. The issues in relation to work dress code include employees getting the wrong impression in relation to the dress code or they simply do not abide by it. There are companies that have a work dress code in place; however, they do not enforce it. In addition, there are companies that do not have an established dress code yet employees are reprimanded for wearing certain attire. Then there is continuous objection from specific industries which questions why is there a need to dress up and look nice for work, when individuals do not deal directly with customers.

For example, if you are employed as a sales representative who has to meet with clients on a daily basis, it advisable to dress professionally. However, for the individual who writes for a living and sits in his or her cubicle all day and hardly ever sees the sun, much less another individual, should it really matter what he or she is wearing? Here is a good fashion tip, if the individual would like to be promoted, it does.

A recent survey shows that 41 per cent of employers indicate that individuals who dress more professionally have a propensity of being promoted a great deal more frequently than other people within their organization.

Where Wardrobes Really Matter?

As indicated by the previously mentioned survey, dressing professionally is a great deal more essential in some industries than abiding by a work dress code is in others.

One such industry is the financial services, where emphasis is placed on professional work attire. 55 percent of workers within the financial services sector are of the view that employees who are dressed well are much more likely to get a promotion than others who dress less professionally.

In addition, 51 percent of sales agents are of the same opinion concerning the likelihood of getting promotions in the sales industry.

However, on the other end of the scale, only about thirty-seven percent of IT employers and thirty-three percent of manufacturing employers are of the opinion that professional attire has an influence on whether an employee gets promoted or not.

Employer Restrictions On Work Dress Code

More than ever, during the warmer periods of the year, members of staff take advantage of work dress codes that are more relaxed. However, professionalism at the work place should not fall just because the temperatures rise.