In dentistry, one of the worst things patients can think about you is that youre old school. They associate old school with pain and displeasure, and nobody wants that from a dentist. If its modern and full of conveniences, people will think of your practice as technologically advanced.

Too many dentists fail to match their website to the reputation they want to build for their practice. Some dentists websites are generic sites or sites they designed just to avoid not having any web presence. More about Dental website design UK.

Must have features ? Across your website, use the same colors, fonts, and layout style. Avoid using dark backgrounds. Dark backgrounds with white fonts strain the eyes. Youre attempting to create a dental office website, not a Jackson Pollock-inspired digital painting.

Use call tracking and scoring. Every marketing initiative must have a call tracking number with call scoring and that includes your website. Most new patients will look you up online regardless of how they heard about your practice. You need to know how many people call as a result of visiting your website, if those calls are being answered promptly, and and how effective your team is at engaging callers and converting them into appointments.

Make sure your website has your contact information prominently displayed.

There are few things more annoying to patients than having to search for your contact information. Make sure your contact information and active social media accounts are prominently displayed on every page, so people can get in touch with you the moment they decide they want you to be their dentist.

Share images and patient testimonials

Another process to be mindful of is notifying your project manager on whether you have any specific images you want to use or patient testimonials to highlight on your homepage.

While stock images are great placeholders to use on the homepage, they should be used in a manner that is as relevant to your practice as possible. For instance, if the main banner image is a family portrait, think about the demographics of your patient base. Does the image you have chosen reflect this? On the other hand, if a natural landscape is to be the central focus, it should reflect the areas surrounding the practice and/or the areas familiar to your target audience.

In order for your website to have the best chances of being found easily on the search engines through any of our dental SEO services, every web page will require full optimisation. We will also include additional XML and HTML site maps. Your website will then be submitted to Google, Yahoo and Bing and we will ensure your business is found on map listings such as Google My Business and Bing Places.

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