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Violin Online Shopping Vietnam – advices to get a violin

It seems counterintuitive to say that you will find a better instrument shopping online, but it’s true. You can shop around independently, read reviews, gather recommendations, and make an informed choice unaffected by the bias of a salesperson. And the selection at Musician’s Friend is far greater than what you’ll find at the typical music store.

Then, you can take advantage of our 45-Day Satisfaction Guarantee1 to test it out. That’s a lot more time than you’ll have to try out an instrument in a store! You can bring your instrument to your music instructor (if you have one) and/or a technician who doesn’t have a vested interest in its sale. You can play it solo and with a group, and in a number of different settings, to get an idea of its real playability, projection, tone, and setup. You can also take it your violin teacher for his or her assessment.

Speak with violinists (teachers) in your area and the experts at your local violin shop, one that conducts instrument repairs. These craftsmen, called luthiers, are happy to share their expertise about particular instruments and brands. Rather than speaking from a sales standpoint, luthiers and teachers have an abiding love of the instrument and like true enthusiasts, will want to impart their wisdom to beginners. Violin Online Shopping Vietnam

Perhaps the biggest question most people face when starting the search to buy an instrument is, “Where do I go?” The best way to find a reputable shop is to ask people you know and trust for recommendations. In most cases this means asking a teacher or another professional in the industry. In addition, don’t be afraid to do some searching yourself. Visit a variety of different violin shops and see what their customer service, instrument selection, and credentials are like. While many instrument dealers are honest and reputable, there are some who are not. Recommendations from people you know, along with visiting the shop will give you a pretty good idea of whether the dealer is on the up and up or not.

That said, if you decide to buy a full-size violin, you may well want to go to a violin dealer or a “luthier,” which is a person who makes or repairs stringed instruments. In fact, we have a directory of luthiers right here on, as well as a directory of the merchants who support

When purchasing an instrument from a store, it is always an excellent idea to go in the company of an experienced violinist or luthier. In general, however, the instrument must be solid to the touch with no creaks when you press down (but not too heavily!) anywhere on the violin. If it is possible to test the instrument in-store, all of the open strings should sound full, resonant, and pleasing to the ear.

It is possible to buy a good violin online, but be wary of extremely cheap violins. Here is a link to our article about why an extremely cheap violin may not be a bargain for you. It is best if you can test a violin before making the commitment to buy it.

Size: Violins come in different sizes. For children, there are sizes 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/10, 1/16 and 1/32 violins. There are two ways to properly measure a child for a violin. With the student’s left arm fully extended away from his or her body, measure from the base of the neck to either the wrist or the center of the palm. The neck-to-wrist measurement will indicate the most comfortable size for the student. For Vietname and South East Asia please check the best online shop for violins : Mua dan violin co lon Scherl & Roth

Intermediate Violins

Violins classified as intermediate are a good compromise between student and professional instruments. The price range can vary from $400 to $1,000. Intermediate violins are great for musicians who want something better than a beginner instrument, but are not quite ready to invest thousands of dollars in a professional violin.



You can shop independently: When shopping online, you aren’t bombarded by pushy salespeople trying to sell you the most expensive violin in the store. You can gather recommendations, read reviews, and shop peacefully and independently.
Larger inventory: Typically, online violin stores will have a larger inventory of violin brands to choose from. If one site doesn’t have what you want, chances are you can find another site that does.