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Overview your crypto portfolio

There are a lot of crypto currencies and a good management of your crypto portofolio is essential for high profits. We will compare HodlStream to other crypto portofolio managers. CryptoCompare is an entire ecosystem built for crypto. For example, there’s a section which describes and compares different cryptocurrency wallets, and one which provides information about mining of cryptocurrencies. There is also a news section keeping users up-to-date about all major occurrences in the crypto world. The portfolio management tool is just one of the many components of this ecosystem.

One for aficionados , the site currently boasts 300k+ active users, nine years of historical data and coin trends for all 6229 coins. It offers direct exchange transaction imports from 52 exchanges, plus eight supported wallet imports — including Trezor and Electrum. Pro-traders use the site for its powerful trade-analysis functionality including “Realised/Unrealised gains/losses”, average purchase prices, trading fees, coin trends — not to mention tax reports. While the level of functionality is ideal for serious and regular traders, free access is limited to a meagre 200 transactions. Anyone wanting to exceed that (for example by uploading their trade history) would need to fork out for an annual licence, coming in a reasonable $80 for the Pro version (max 3500 transactions) or $126 for Unlimited access.

Must have : Cryptocurrencies are frustrating expansive. While they create a diverse ecosystem of digital assets, managing them from a single account is difficult. There are dozens of exchanges offering a unique smattering of currencies, requiring investor flexibility to hold and manage accounts on many platforms. To make sure that you are able to keep tabs on all of your crypto finances, you’d want to use a crypto portfolio tracker solution such as, which can achieve that high level of clarity by syncing all wallets and exchanges into a single location, providing investors with a full view of their crypto assets. When paired with full transactional control, this significantly simplifies crypto asset management. Extra details on Data driven crypto portfolio insights.

As the cryptocurrency movement continues to advance, investors will require a crypto portfolio manager to maintain their tokens and contracts. In many ways, they require the same tools available to traditional investors, so that they can adequately track, monitor, and account for their assets. There are many options to choose from, but selecting software that includes synchronization, auditability, and inclusivity are keys to management success. By evaluating in these merits, it’s possible to make a great software selection that bolsters financial management for crypto assets.