Searching for Playstation Portable ROMs & Emulators? Gaming’s great gift is allowing us to indulge in the kind of behaviour society frowns upon. Doing your job well gets you the high score, but flinging papers all over the place and subverting suburbia is hella cathartic. Forget Gears Of War, Taito’s 1978 classic was the first cover shooter, as you attempt to fend off an extraterrestrial force. Your pulse would quicken along with the music as the aliens came closer, while blasting the flying saucer was as satisfying as a Call Of Duty headshot.

Developer Riley Testut announced today this alternative solution to the iOS App Store that will not requires jailbreak tools, which also works on Apple’s latest update iOS 13. We have tested AltStore and it works as promised, but theres only one app available at this time which is Delta NES Emulator. The video below will show you how to install AltStore. Testut said additional apps will be available over AltStore after the official launch scheduled to September 28. He also notes that AltStore is an open source project, so other developers can take a look at everything on GitHub.

From as early as 2004, Atgames has been releasing ‘flashback’ versions of both Sega and Atari hardware. These mini consoles also come pre-loaded with a selection of games, with certain versions of their Sega Genesis/MegaDrive supporting original cartridges. In recent years, we’ve also seen the likes of the Commodore 64 Mini, the Neo Geo Mini and more controversially, the inevitable release of the PlayStation Classic. Find additional info on Pokemon Fire Red.

Chrono Trigger pushed the poor Super Nintendo to its limits. At a massive 32 megabits, it barely squeezed onto the Super Nintendo. Chrono Trigger was developed by the “Big Three” Hironobu Sakaguchi, creator of the Final Fantasy series, Yuji Horii, creator of the Dragon Quest series, and Akira Toriyama, creator of the Dragon Ball series. With such a star-studded list of developers, Chrono Trigger had to be good… and it was. Chrono Trigger gives off a very unique feel, partly due to its heavy anime influence, which was rare at the time of its release in the west (doesn’t Crono look like Goku?). The game also has a whopping 13 different endings, which, suffice to say, was unheard of in 1995. The battle system was also different, while it was turn based, you could combine different characters’ attacks to make bigger ones. Of course, Chrono Trigger’s biggest claim to fame is the ability to travel back in time or forward into the future, which is very cool. While Chrono Trigger is an amazing game without any flaws, it’s still not quite my favorite rpg on the old SNES.

The Neo-Geo Mini is an eye-catching piece of kit; it recreates the Neo-Geo arcade cabinets of yesteryear in cute micro form, complete with its own 3.5-inch LCD screen that’ll send you hurtling back to the 1990s faster than listening to Smells Like Teen Spirit. When combined with stereo speakers and arcade controls, it’s as authentic an experience as you could hope for. Happily, that LCD panel is crisp and bright – it’s the perfect companion for the console’s 40 classic games. Even though it can be used on a TV, the Neo-Geo Mini is definitely at its best as is. Alright, so it doesn’t look great blown up on the big screen and its joystick lacks that ever-important tactile feedback. However, it’s still a good Neo-Geo experience overall. Read additional info on