Too Many Turtles tactical card game? Too Many Turtles is a tactical point builder card game in which two players fight over the course of up to 3 rounds to create the most valuable army of turtles that they are able to gather. The player with the most points at the end of the round wins and the game goes to the first player to win 2 out of 3 rounds. In our base set, you will find two pre-built decks of cards made to play against each other. On one side, you have Turtron: The Legendary Defender, a giant robotic turtle from outer space that has come to earth. He and his army of hatchlings are trying to combat the devastating effects mankind is having on turtles and the environment using a variety of effect cards like Shell Restoration and Environmental Clean Up.

Now some info about real world turtle problems. WildAid. WildAid is a large humanitarian nonprofit organization dedicated to helping all animals that are threatened by humans on a large scale. Their work with turtles is focused very directly on sea turtles, where 6 out of 7 species are in critical danger of extinction in the near future. Wild Aid has been working very closely with several government agencies in China to reduce the toll taken on turtle populations from Chinese consumers who use sea turtles for jewelry, instruments, and homeopathic medicines.

The field is laid out in 3 rows forming a pyramid. In your back row, you have four slots for turtles. Every time you summon a turtle, that turtle must start in the back row and move up the field. Some turtles will allow you to summon them into higher rows, and some effects cards even affect movement, but we will address that more in the upcoming Movement section. Your starting hand will consist of 7 cards and your deck will be placed to the side of the field. Your pond (Discard pile) will be right above your deck. You will draw a card at the start of each turn, unless you are starting a round. The farther you move turtles up the field, the more points you will receive when you get to scoring (See Scoring).See additional info at Save the Turtles Card Game.

Counter Cards – Counter cards can be used to counter or react to effects cards played against you (One great example is Shell To Pay, pictured right). These cards can be extremely helpful for defending your turtle army. Turtle Movement/Ownership – As mentioned above, certain effects cards can affect turtle movement. Additionally, certain effects cards can allow you to locate and move cards in your deck or pond or even steal turtles from your opponents side of the field.

When we started this journey, we didn’t realize that 129 out of 300 species of turtles on this planet are considered either Vulnerable, Endangered or Critically Endangered. We didn’t realize that 6 out of 7 species of Sea Turtles are listed as Threatened or Endangered due in large part to human activity. We didn’t realize that as a society, we throw away 14 billion lbs of trash every year, and that 80% of plastic waste in our oceans came from inland sources. We didn’t realize and so we didn’t do anything. Now we realize what is happening and we’ve taken it as our responsibility to do something before Sea Turtles go extinct and we, as a species, end up going past the point of no return. Read additional details at