EMV payment training and consultancy firm? Level 3 EMV-Certified Smart Terminal – For businesses looking for a simple, intuitive payment application, our Smart Terminal is ideal. It communicates with our Virtual Terminal which logs all the transaction information that a traditional terminal would print out. Both proprietary to PayJunction, the pair streamlines your business workflow and covers your EMV needs. Open API for Easy Integration – Non-generic payment applications are able to integrate with our software and equipment to pass testing for level 3 compliance. This eliminates the need for individual testing and speeds up the availability of EMV certified terminals to businesses using customized applications.

EMV cards are either inserted into the terminal slot, known as “card dipping,” or they can be contactless using near field communication (NFC) to transfer data by merely tapping the card on the terminal. Cards may also support both methods. See NFC.

Chip and PIN Definition. These transactions are often referred to as “Chip and PIN” because PIN entry is required to verify the customer is the genuine cardholder. This is a simplification since the EMV specifications include other cardholder verification methods as well.

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