Taro Card readings tips with Tena Mitchell? She added, “My view is that people should not fear their future, the outcome of their efforts or shy away from any problem they may be facing. They should accept reality as it is and strive for solutions. When there are acknowledgment and acceptance only then would they be able to live a happy life.” How accurate Tarot card readings are? She said, “The accuracy of any tarot card reading is solely dependent upon the capability and sincerity of the tarot card reader. There are many in the market who claim to be tarot card reader but don’t know how to. You should always go to someone who is known to give accurate readings and who can also provide proper guidance on what to do and how to proceed. You may consult any tarot card reader but they must be very good at reading tarot cards otherwise it will be a waste of your time and money.”

Arthur Waite, a British occultist was a member of the Order of the Golden Dawn – and apparently a longtime nemesis of Aleister Crowley, who was also involved in the group and it’s various offshoots. Waite got together with artist and Golden Dawn member Pamela Colman Smith and created the Rider-Waite Tarot deck, which was first published in 1909. At Waite’s suggestion, Smith used the Sola Busca artwork for inspiration, and there are many similarities in the symbolism between Sola Busca and Smith’s end results. Smith was the first artist to use characters as representative images in the lower cards. Instead of showing a cluster of cups, coins, wands or swords, Smith incorporated human figures into the artwork, and the result is the iconic deck that every reader knows and enjoys today.

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Oh my goodness what a revelation this reading was she was spot on even with the smallest details completely blew my mind with her ability to tap into everything that has been going on thank you and thank you again Tena this was by far the most eye-opening experience I have ever had I would and in fact did recommend to a friend ! Thank you thank you thank thank you!!!!!!!! You have opened my eyez ( and taught me about my pineal (or pinael maybe?) gland and how important it is)….. i will be changing my lifestyle to a more spiritual one 4 sure…thanks for your wisdom Tina.

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