Top 5 paid WP templates list? Businesses come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re running an online store or setting up an agency website, you need a highly-versatile theme that offers the features you need for your business to shine online. Kallyas is one such option and could be the right fit for your business. Kallyas offers a broad range of pre-built websites for businesses of all kinds. You have over six dozen ready-to-go options to pick from, all in varying styles. They include designs for vineyards, florist shops, interior design firms, and much more. Although you have a full range of styles to pick from, they all share one thing in common; they all look highly professional.

You don’t want to go it alone, especially when you get in a tight spot, which is why support and resources are essential. What Drupal offers: Being open-source and free, you don’t have that account manager or customer service representative lifeline. However, Drupal’s user community and developers have nailed the external support field. With coders that work quickly to address situations and a developer Slack channel, you aren’t left on your own. In addition, you have access to documents and online resources that cover a lot of topics and problems. Drupal support page showing different help resources including forums, documentation, Slack group, etc.

In-house website management. One of the best ways to lower down the web development cost is to manage your website in-house. How in-house website management can help to reduce the website cost? You can create most of the pages yourself. You can create landing pages for your marketing campaigns without the help of your web developer. You can make minor changes on your website without hiring any web designer. You can take full control of your website so you won’t have to run after your web developer.

A business that’s stuck in the past will likely rely on existing customers. In order to get new money rolling into your company’s coffers, you may want to consider a theme such as Exponent. To start with, Exponent offers over 20 different pre-built demo websites, encompassing a variety of niches. Plus, while other themes enable you to create custom layouts through some kind of plugin, this one provides that functionality out of the box. It’s a useful feature that means you can get your site off the ground very quickly (and start attracting new customers). What’s more, Exponent includes a variety of customizable portfolio layouts, to help you display your work in an organized and attractive fashion. It also offers fast performance, and compatibility with various tools you can use to bring your site into a new era. Find more info at Best premium WordPress themes.

Competitive keywords are often dominated by large brands with insane backlink profiles and deep pockets. Just take a look at the number of referring domains to the pages ranking for “best credit card”. The results are dominated by big players like NerdWallet, Credit Karma, and, and the average number of referring domains (backlinks from unique websites) to the top five results is over 300. Ranking for this keyword in the short-to-medium term would be impossible for 99% of people. That’s why it pays to go after keywords in your wheelhouse. In this case, that might be something like “best credit cards for lounge access”. While the search volume and organic traffic potential are much lower than for a competitive keyword like “best credit cards,” there are fewer big brands to compete with, and you won’t need as many backlinks to rank.

At the time of writing, Neve is one of the most popular free WordPress themes in the official WordPress directory. Users most appreciate it for its ease of use, versatility, and starter site demos. That last thing – the demos – make getting started with this theme really straightforward. Just pick the design you like and then tweak it to suit your needs exactly. Everything is fully compatible with Gutenberg.