Fashion Tips for Various Body

Being fashionable means so much more than following the latest trends and wearing designer clothes. The main point of being fashionable is to make most of what you have. Different body types have different assets and different problem areas. Here are a few fashion tips for the rectangle, the apple, and the hourglass body types.

The Rectangle-Shaped Body Type
Women with this type of body usually have slim hips, waists, and shoulders. In fact, in most cases these three body parts have roughly the same widths (hence the rectangle shape). They usually look athletic, especially if they belong to the slender side of the scale.

The arms and the legs are their best features. They also don’t have to worry about having to minimize other parts of their bodies. However, you should make it a point to try and create curves while showing off those slim extremities.

In order to do this, women with the rectangle-shaped body should try wearing long jackets as this will make you look lean. A good bra and detailed tops also work well as this will effectively complement your chest area.

The Apple-Shaped Body Type
If you have this type of body, then it is more than likely that you have narrow hips and a heavy-set upper body. This is exhibited by your broad shoulders, back, and ribs. However, your legs can be considered to be your body’s best asset. In order to counter-act this imbalance, you should make it your goal to try to make your torso seem longer while making it a point to show off those legs.

A one-color look works best. You should also try wearing a top with V-neck as this creates the impression that you have a longer torso. Dresses also do well in terms of hiding your tummy bulge. Make sure that your bra provides sufficient support as you will most likely need it.

The Hourglass-Shaped Body Type
This Hourglass body features a small waist with hips and shoulders at a similar proportion. Your curves are perhaps your best asset. It would do you well to flaunt them, but you should also be careful about overdoing it. After all, anything in excess is bad.

Stay away from baggy clothing as this will only hide your curves. Instead, you should try wearing wrap and fitted dresses as this will show off your figure better. Skinny jeans are also perfect for this purpose. You will also need to find a decent bra that accentuates your breasts. Belts are also a good idea for this body type as this will flaunt your body shape.