No child should ever be forced to go hungry, or to sleep on a freezing street at night. This is incontrovertible – and yet, some of our youngest members of society still find themselves in situations where living their nights alone in the cold is the only available option. That these children suffer as they do is unacceptable – and the pressing need makes the work organization such as Ninos del Sol even more important.


I became a member of the Peruvian charity Ninos del Sol’s executive board in February of 2016, and have been a firm supporter of the organization’s efforts since I first learned of their work. Ninos del Sol offers a home and family to children who have fallen into unenviable – often tragic – circumstances and need a safe place to call their own. Currently, NdS supports eighteen children at the organization’s home in Peru by providing them with healthful food, shelter, care, and education.

I think what I most appreciate about Ninos del Sol is that those who manage the house truly care for the children they take in – and that’s a truth, not an easy cliche. The organization could very well sever ties with their residents after they reach their eighteenth birthdays; but doing so would run counter to NdS’s mission to give those under their care the best possible opportunities for growth.


Those at Ninos del Sol know that the children under their care can break the cycle of poverty and become community leaders – so the organization works hard to ensure that they have marketable skills and the opportunity to attend college. This is accomplished through NdS’s Muju Runa program, which provides college-bound students with a shared apartment in the city of Cusco, where they can pursue their post-secondary schooling.


I cannot stress enough the value of what Ninos del Sol does. Without the organization’s aid, orphaned children might have been left to struggle through their adolescence with few hopes for the future, and face the difficulties posed by illiteracy and homelessness. Instead, these children are able to grow up with confidence in a secure, loving environment. With time, they will grow to become leaders in our community, and nurture the next generation of children in turn.


Ninos del Sol does an incredible amount of good – but it can’t accomplish all that it does alone. NdS depends on donations for its survival, and is backed by a US philanthropic board. 99% of all donations directly benefits the children in the house by providing funding for food, clothing, and medical care. I support Ninos del Sol because I believe in the work it does – and I hope that you will, too. Please consider donating to their cause! Every donation is an investment in a child’s future.