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Consider Kindness: Charities Benefitting Puerto Rico

The recent effects of Hurricane Maria on the island of Puerto Rico have been devastating. Three weeks after the storm made landfall, only about 10-16% of Puerto Rican residents have electricity. At least 44 people have died due to the hurricane, and there are now upwards of 5,742 people in 108 shelters on the island. […]


5 Ways to Support Your Local Charities

Charitable organizations provide an enormous amount of goods and services to desperate people in the United States and throughout the world. The term charitable organizations includes a wide range of private and religious groups that are dedicated to helping people in need. Some charities concentrate on a single cause such as cancer research or providing […]

Jason Spencer_I Support Ninos del Sol

I Support Ninos del Sol (And You Should, Too)

Ninos del Sol offers a home and family to children who have fallen into unenviable – often tragic – circumstances and need a safe place to call their own.

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